Discerning Drinking, Chapter Twenty-seven.


Originally posted 3rd August 2013

Happy 150th Martini!  Yes, the iconic beverage manufacturer celebrates this pretty large milestone this summer.

Now, I am not a massive fan of the Martini brand, at least in the sense of the way their drink tastes. Martini Rosso remains the only bottle at the Carmine’s bar which has only had a cursory taster shot taken out of it, with the rest left ever since, the swoopy green bottle gathering dust behind the now toxic pineapple-infused rum and a bottle of piss-poor skittle vodka.  Style-wise though, well, you’d have never guessed that Martini comes from Italy, would you?  I mean, just look at this poster, created by Steve Forney, overladen with Art-Deco touches and a perspective reminiscent of Ruscha…

However, the thing I associate most with Martini is neither the drink nor the art, but their motor-racing sponsorship, and this is what I am celebrating most of all.  As a recent Top Gear post said;

A great livery makes a car faster

Get a load of this lot…

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