Discerning Drinking, Chapter Thirteen.


Originally posted 25th July 2012

Now that the Crazy English Summer is encroaching and my helping out in the Concierge / Forecourt departments of the hotel has yielded a pretty impressive sunburntan, I think it is time to impart a couple of mandatory lifestyle changes to all you crazy cats;

  • Firstly, we should all start drinking spiced rum
  • Secondly, we should all ditch glasses and start drinking out of coconuts.

I was able to combine the two last weekend; at the very apt, tropical location of Gloucester Docks.  Well, I guess the docks could have been used to import coconuts and rum back in the days when ‘Team GB’ simply referred to aggressive pirates and bloodthirsty merchants making a quick buck from the Spanish Main or whatever it was called.

Anyway, I’m no historian.  On this day in 2012, the docks were playing host to a pretty kick ass food market.

I have never tried coconut water before but was asked to sip some from the fruit before the stallholder filled up the rest of the hacked-open shell with a very generous double of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum.

The result was a sweet and spicy, very strong rum-based drink.  It was do-able by itself, but when followed with mum’s unwanted Strawberry Mojito, the lethal combination of tropical drinks, no lunch and hot weather on the harbour-side caused my faculties to wane and I ended up buying a rather snazzy shirt from Hawes and Curtis over the road.

As their website says;

Perfect for the gentleman requiring the trendy tailored look

Just the way I roll my friends, just the way I roll…

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