Discerning Drinking, Chapter Three.

Originally posted 12th February 2012

Another laaaaaazeeee Sunday, another decadently late breakfast.  Now before I go any further I want to underline the cold, hard truth that under no circumstances do I condone drinking Martinis at 12.30 in the afternoon whilst the Politics Show drones on in the background on BBC1, but I guess by now that you can see where this is going.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you a Grade A* hangover cure, the Breakfast Martini, served up with lashings of pastries, bread and Groove Armada’s Goodbye Country, Hello Nightclub (surprisingly, the Politics Show got a bit dreary in the end).

I was overjoyed when I came across the recipe for the Breakfast Martini the other week.  I first tried this drink somewhere (it may have been in Edinburgh) but it was at the end of a very rambunctious night and god help me if I can remember what went in it.  It tasted very orangey though.

A reason to try my new Martini glasses

So I got the glasses more chilled than Bob Marley at Lake Vostok.  Here is what I used (per Martini):

1 generous spoonful of *quality* marmalade (I used a heaped bar spoon)

2 shots Bombay Sapphire

0.5 shot Triple sec

0.5 shot Lemon juice, to balance the beast

Couple dashes Angostura Orange Bitters (optional, but fabbo)

The first trick is to dilute the marmalade with gin (I never thought I would say that; Paddington Bear would have a fit).  It takes a while; the best marmalade is thick, and it takes a while to dissolve.  Once you have syrupy, ginny goo, add the rest of the ingredients and shake over ice.

The second trick is to fine strain the cocktail.  Seriously, if you don’t own a cocktail strainer yet, this is the drink to justify owning one.  Pour the drink through the strainer (use the back of a spoon to speed things up- what can I say, I was thirsty).

I had a bit of fun with the garnish.  The recipe called for a piece of plain toast.  I grilled off a few slices of ciabatta and spread them with butter and marmalade before perching one on the rim of the glass.  I added music and junk food and was ready to enjoy the day!

Breakfast Martinis are right up there.  Sometimes it is great to find a drink with a sense of humour, especially if it tastes great.  The Breakfast Martini suggests that it will be overbearingly sweet (we’re drinking JAM, for Christ’s sake!) but the lemon and gin balances the orange flavours beautifully well.  Even the toast adds a welcome respite- this is a true ‘hair of the dog’ drink; best served the morning after, in moderation.

I think I will keep this one in mind; it could be worth scaling up the measures of everything by 50% as the Martini glass wasn’t exactly full, but could this drink be served long with soda?  There’s only one way to find out.  Better get toasting!

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