Why isn’t breakfast always 3000 calories and taken at lunchtime?

Originally published 11th December 2011

. . .

My fifth attempt at a blog (I’m a true starter-finisher).  And what better topic for the first post than the first meal of the day: breakfast.

Although I ♥ brekkie I hardly ever eat it, at least not in the week, when I have my pre-work routine so tightly wound that every minute counts.  People say that it is the most important meal of the day but those people have obviously no concept of a decent lunch so I will leave them to enjoy their cornflakes and dry toast, thanks very much.

Breakfast is however, the most important meal of the weekend.  Breakfast is also the first meal taken on a Saturday or Sunday, be that at 7am or 2pm.  It’s comfort food, and I fnd that I have more time to prepare it and more appetite to enjoy it.

My latest creation was nothing short of wonderful filth.  After a great week at home working on my allergic reaction to the parent’s cats, watching Jeremy Kyle and wrapping Christmas presents, I was faced with a day house-sitting and a fridge full of enticing things, including treacle-cured bacon, Camembert and wait for it: Baileys-infused double cream.

Naturally the only thing that could possibly be made using these ingredients was a generous round of treacle-cured bacon and camembert butties- the butties made from creamy-Baileys eggy bread.  The bread was the only ‘tricky’ part of the whole affair; constituting of egg, double cream, Baileys cream and a touch of sugar, it took two attempts to get the right taste of Baileys into it.

The result was a sweet treat, mellowed down by good-quality Camembert and the smokiness of the bacon.  However I am going to refrain from analysing the taste too much as in reality the dish was a greasy, tasty, fatty, perfect pick-me-up at 12.30 in the afternoon, all washed down with a can of Diet Coke and a strong coffee for that perfect American finishing touch.

Now try making that on a Tuesday morning at 7.30…

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